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Fonia Session 63 – Oliver Goldt Peace X-Mas

Hey y’all out there, welcome to our 63rd session this year, and what a rare treat this one is. Not only are we stepping quietly into this very special season of the year, but we are doing so alongside Oliver Goldt who takes us on a journey: a musical potpourri for the laughing and crying eye – from the plate directly into your ears.

Oliver Goldt, the 100% passionate music lover is a known guest on our FONIA Radio Show, now for the 2nd time, and as such he shares with us these precious musical gems found on a long-lost data carrier – true to the motto: “One of the best things in the world is to enjoy musical treasures and keep discovering new ones!”.

With that, enjoy the late-night-winter-valley mix for peaceful hours.

Thank you all for listening, be good to yourself!
(most of all: PEACE at the end of 2023 – please!)

Fonia Session 62 – DJ Resoul

On one of the last sunny days of the summer of 2023, we visited @djresoul in the Soultrade Record Store in Berlin.

Enjoy a session filled with talk tracks from the beginnings of Resoul as a member of the Downtown Lyrics crew (one of the only HipHop crews in former DDR/GDR check for info on these also the permanent exhibition in the Humboldt-Forum Berlin all the way to recent activities in music and all the interesting and related topics surrounding it. To top it all off, DJ Resoul guides us through the broadcast on the waves of a specially curated mix full of amazing nuggets of pure sound gold.

Thank you all for listening.
Be good to yourself!

Our special thanks go out to Daniel W. Best, thanks for the connection to Resoul, this show would not have happened without it!


Fonia Session 61 – The 10 Year Anniversary Pack

Welcome y’all to our 61st instalment of the Fonia Radio Show and with that to our special mega package to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our show.

Thank you all for being part of this for such a long time and with that we look forward to more shows to come and now enjoy the show.
Thank you all for listening!
Be good to yourself!


Fonia Session 60 – Daniel W. Best

Welcome to the 60th instalment of the Fonia Radio Show.
We looked for this special number for a special guest and were happy and thrilled to meet with DJ, selector, collector, artist, traveller and teddy bear doctor Daniel W. Best (bestworks) right in the center of Berlin. As this (second weird in a row) year turns slowly to an end it was our special pleasure to talk with Daniel about all those exciting, hilarious and annoying things past, present and future. As with a mix set in which you always find new things, you have not heard before and which push new doors open for you – we took a ton of insights, references and tracks from this session. So sit down, relax and enjoy two hours of crate digging filled with conversation and sounds. Again for me this all showed “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”

Thank you all for listening, have a great, peaceful holiday season ahead and we hope to meet all of you again in 2022!

Tracklist – selected by Daniel W. Best
Boncana Maiga – Koyma Hondo
01. Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow
02. Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – It Don’t Mean A Thing (live)
03. MC Solaar – Bouge De Là
04. Feeling B – Geh Zurück In Dein Buch
05. Jazzanova – Look What You Are Doing To Me (feat. Phonte)
06. Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree
07. Jerzy Milian – Wsród Pampasów
08. Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This (DJ Spinna original mix edit)
09. Bitty McLean – Walk Away From Love
10. Romanthony – The Wanderer (Dixon edit)
11. MEUTE – Hey Hey
12. André Lodemann – Where Are You Now?
13. Joe Dukie And DJ Fitchie – Midnight Marauders
14. Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid
15. Soul II Soul feat. Busta Rhymes – Back To Life
16. Juicy – Sugar Free
17. Jazzanova – I’m Still Here featuring Edward Vanzet LARSE a.P. Dub RMX
18. Irresistible Force X Coldcut – Autumn Leaves Return


Our special thanks go out to Mr. Sperling, thanks for the magic mobile number, this show would not have happened without it!

Fonia Session 59 – Timson

We present in our show: TIMSON from Jena City alias Timson Crime. As a kid he listened to so many styles of music, his mother gave him compact discs but instead he bought a lot of vinyl. We are proud to give him two hours of space in our radio show, so enjoy various styles of beats from the guy who grew up in the Kassablanca Jena.

Big thanks to Stachy for saving this file with his professional mastering.


Fonia Session 58 – ESO!

We welcomed in our radio show: ESO! from Berlin. The artist name stands for „Das Elektronische Schwingkreis Orchester“. It is the project of composer, music producer, bass player, disc jockey and journalist Joerg Henning and sound engineer, vinyl cutter and mastering specialist Frederic Stader.


Fonia Session 57 – Zambon (The Very Polish Cut Outs)

We present in our show: ZAMBON from The Very Polish Cut-Outs. The Idea behind this label: presentation and promotion of polish 70s and 80s music all over the world through releasing different compilations, mixes and by putting it in a new context trough editing.


Fonia Session 56 – Ian Simmonds

On one of those beautiful sunny days were pigeons make out and families of foxes stroll to the next beach, we had a long-distance call with Ian Simmonds, straight out of Brighton/UK.


Fonia Session 55 – Spindyrella

In our first session after the lockdown, we welcomed IN THE STUDIO (again) Spindyrella from Leipzig! Friendly weather, friendly guests, friendly drinks and so we enjoyed a friendly chat all around mysterious record collectors, early days in zoos and many many other things!


Fonia Session 54 – kAUBL

From a small village in the Thuringian forest he conqueres the world with a taste of dub and afro beats.



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