Fonia Session 63 – Oliver Goldt Peace X-Mas


Hey y’all out there, welcome to our 63rd session this year, and what a rare treat this one is. Not only are we stepping quietly into this very special season of the year, but we are doing so alongside Oliver Goldt who takes us on a journey: a musical potpourri for the laughing and crying eye – from the plate directly into your ears.

Oliver Goldt, the 100% passionate music lover is a known guest on our FONIA Radio Show, now for the 2nd time, and as such he shares with us these precious musical gems found on a long-lost data carrier – true to the motto: “One of the best things in the world is to enjoy musical treasures and keep discovering new ones!”.

With that, enjoy the late-night-winter-valley mix for peaceful hours.

Thank you all for listening, be good to yourself!
(most of all: PEACE at the end of 2023 – please!)


From Jena to Halle and back. Music lover & DJ, beat & sound philosopher and freelance music journalist. In his DJ sets, OLIVER GOLDT presents energetic electric music for dance & listening – driving funky melodic jazzy sound from past, present and for the future. His other synonyme OGOLDT presents finest Indie music without limits from quit to aloud.