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Fonia Session 43 – Karaoke Kalk

Welcome to session 43 of the fonia radio show! This time we met with the man behind the labels Karaoke Kalk and Kalk Pets, Thorsten Lütz.


Fonia Session 42 – Markey Funk

Welcome to the 42nd edition of the fonia radio show and we wish you all the best in the year of rooster!

This time we had a chat with Markey Funk (markeyfunk), vinyl digger, dj, producer and musician from Jerusalem. Enjoy some talks about his musical and geographical journey and most of all look forward to an outstanding dj set by Markey Funk!


Fonia Session 41 – DJ Nature

It was still summer, still warm outside and maybe the last warm saturday in 2016.

An outdoor bar called “GARTEN”, located in Jenas lovely street “Schillergässchen”, close to the record store. Music, BBQ, and happy, smiling people all around. That was the Fatplastic 15th anniversary party and also the intro to this 41th Fonia radio session with a special guest: DJ Nature (alias DJ Milo in the past). Inannia had the chance for a longer talk with him before he played a mesmerizing set in the local club Kassablanca.


Fonia Session 40 –

The story starts with the Fonia radio show 25 – that was the initial spark that lights the show you can hear here today.

No fakes and as close to the original as possible, so basically the opposite what usually happens if Stachy takes on a track and grinds that one through the sound mincer …


Fonia Session 39 – DJ Coins

On a beautiful spring evening we invited DJ Coins from Jena-City to visit us in the OKJ radio studio.


Fonia Session 38 – Inannia & Foolong

Fun session for april fool’s day:
two boxes of jazz records and an outstanding selection of delicious chilled rose wines and thats how it went!


Fonia Session 37 – Pete On The Corner

On a cold afternoon close to christmas we met Pete Buckenham alias “Pete On The Corner” in a noisy little asian restaurant in the heart of London for tea and a very looong chat all around his way from an anthropological music collector, over being a worker for a human rights organization in Africa to a founder of an own record label called On The Corner Records.


Fonia Session 36 – DJ Légères

Welcome to the 36th Fonia radio show and our last show for 2015. Sometimes one is just not enough, right? Following our never-ending craving for stories told by sounds we invited for the last show in 2015 DJ Légères.


Fonia Session 35 – Funk Bast*rd (Darker Than Wax)

Welcome to the 35th instalment of the Fonia radio show. This time we turned once more to asia with the focus on … Singapore!


Fonia Session 34 – Jan Hünniger (aka SMFX)

Sometimes all the things you like come together 🙂 That’s how it was for us with the 34th session of the fonia radio show.



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