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Fonia Session 33 – 12inchkid

Here we go, fonia session 33. This time inannia welcomed in the studio 12inchkid!

Enjoy two hours filled with breakz, beats and fun!


Fonia Session 32 – 3ZOO AKA TABOOZE

Sunny weather, a nice meadow in the local park, some beers and most of all a guest who likes to introduce his world of arts & beats! What more can one ask?


Fonia Session 31 – Inannia & Foolong

Our fun beat pack along the 1st of May in 2015.


Fonia Session 30 – Comfort Fit

Welcome to our easter special package. Nope, no chasing rabbits! Instead we had in the studio Comfort Fit and enjoyed a session all around Beats, Brause and Berlin!


Fonia Session 29 – Rufus Grimes

Welcome to the new year – 2015 and all the best to all our listeners. In this session we welcomed RUFUS GRIMES.


Fonia Session 28 – Daedelus

A friendly hello und welcome to the 28th and our last fonia radio show for this year! This time it was all about the wiz of beats Daedelus! We had the chance to dine and chat with Daedelus about pretty much everything including the amazing experience of coffee, global traveling, flora & fauna, favourite places, arts and most of all his love for living music.


Fonia Session 27 – Solid Rotation

This was a nice session: the studio full of people, outside the falling leaves and in the room a melange of fine selected tech and house moments.

We welcomed Jacob, Maik & Julius who introduced to us their way of thinking about music, collecting records, cooking with friends and generally enjoying living. Their label is called “Solid Rotation” and will soon give birth to their first release.


Fonia Session 26 – Strand 22


Recorded on one of the last warm summer evenings in 2014, live at the lovely Strand 22 in Jena.


Fonia Session 25 –


What happens when train rides, amazing weather and chilled drinks meet with beautiful views? Then its gonna be one of our super rare outside of the studio shows! Directly to Radebeul, close to Dresden in Saxony.


Fonia Session 24 – Monkey Maffia

Hui directly from the aiport to the radio studio and finally a live session without prerecordings.
Just two big microphones, two turntables and a mixer. Lovely! We were darn happy to have Monkey Maffia for the second time in the show.



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A new release from our favourite artist Schmeichel is out now. “HiConcentrated Music” has been released on the fulminant VARY music label in Leipzig. Limited silk print edition, check it out!


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