Fonia Session 34 – Jan Hünniger (aka SMFX)


Sometimes all the things you like come together 🙂 That’s how it was for us with the 34th session of the fonia radio show.

As we both inannia and foolong LOVE sneakers and LOVE caps of all kinds and LOVE fat beats – what better choice could we have to invite a person uniting all three of those treats? Jan Hünniger aka SMFX is such a person, rooted in hiphop beats, all hands on the sowing machine to engineer outstanding und unique (yeah there is only 1 of each kind) 5panel caps AND collecting sneakers … AND AND AND … So we hope you will enjoy this session as much as we did !!! Thank you all for listening. Be good to to yourself!

Curious about the caps? – check it out!



Here’s a little story that must be told … grown up as a kid in East Germany. My father used to have a job at the woodwork. In 1986 a wooden plank, a pair of rollerskates and a screwdriver were all we need. High 5 to my brother! That “thing” was a mess but we had fun! Just crusin and crashin around with that spongy rollin wood. Learning, having fun and making sports. No tricks, no politics. In the early 1990s me and my little brother bought our first skateboard from TITUS. Baggy pants and the basecap on, every day was just skateboarding and basketball (there was the NBA on german telly, remember?). Hangin around with friends in skateparks, searching for new spots and began filming our tricks. the saga continues …