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Fonia Session 53 – Costa

In the last session in the year 2019, we welcomed Costa from Halle in the studio. Born in Königsee he discovered the world of music and all their styles with his first Technics HiFi System.


Fonia Session 52 – Jazz Around The World with Foolong & Inannia

The days get shorter and all around us turn a little chillier as it seems these days … Our answer: a live vinyl set in the radio studio.


Fonia Session 51 – Lucas Croon

We met Lucas Croon in April and from that moment on we decided to visit him in person. In the middle of this beautiful summer, we went to Düsseldorf to breathe in a breeze of music after 20 years. Voila, here comes a new FONIA radio show. Listen up, because we think there are very interesting musical developments to discover here since Kraftwerk, Rheingold and La Düsseldorf.


Fonia Session 50 – Alex Pehlemann (Zonic)

Drum roll!!
For our 50th show, we welcomed Alexander Pehlemann. Alex, born in Berlin-Lichtenberg switched a career as a ringer for the army club “Vorwärts” Frankfurt/Oder with the wild world of pop culture in the GDR. Since 1993 he publishes “Zonic”, the magazine for “Kulturelle Randstandsblicke & Involvierungsmomente” and travels (very often eastwards) from Leipzig-Connewitz into the world, always checking for anything obscure and “schräg”.

He told us what brought him from Greifswald to Leipzig and all the up and downs and turn arounds he experienced in growing into the author, curator, DJ and networker he is today.

If you make it to Leipzig, check the salon “Kulturny dom Lipsk/Salon Similde” where he spreads the word of “Neue Sorbische Kunst”.

Fonia Session 49 – Dusty Maik

For the last show in 2018 we welcomed in the studio Dusty Maik from Leipzig! Maik who lived a long time in Jena, since several years he runs SORRADIO and the label SOLID ROTATION together with Gabriel, Wuh and Jules. He is also 1/2 of the pad-orchestra VOKODE, 33.3% of SUPERFIT and resident at MJUT in the heart of Leipzig.



Fonia Session 48 – Anadol

Welcome to the 48th fonia radio session. Pretty late in the super hot summer 2018, we met in the nice bar “HALLO MACHEN” for chats laughs, and some music!


Fonia Session 47 – Smoking Joe

A friendly hello to the 47th Fonia radio show. This time we welcomed in the studio Mister Smoking Joe. We talked with him about his first contact with actively played music, as a drummer for the band KIWISEX, his time in London, again as a drummer for BOOM FACTORY and then from 1996 on as musician for LOS BANDITOS.


Fonia Session 46 – Lutz Hartmann

For the last show in the year 2017, the holidays just around the corner and so with a somewhat mellow mood and mind we welcomed in the radio show Lutz Hartmann directly from Leipzig City for some smokey beers (yea, that Schlenkerla from Bamberg). We talked with Lutz about his musical journey – starting with jazz played by his grandfather – via DJing and mixing to producing and running an own label called Old New Records.


Fonia Session 45 – Frinda di Lanco

Yes! Finally!! A glimpse of the upcoming summer!
It felt like the first really warm, sunny and bright friday this year when we welcomed Sandra Leidecker aka Frinda di Lanco for a short chitchat followed by an exclusive vinyl mix set.


Fonia Session 44 – Inannia & Foolong

It was on one of those friday’s again! 🙂



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