Fonia Session 51 – Lucas Croon


We met Lucas Croon in April and from that moment on we decided to visit him in person. In the middle of this beautiful summer, we went to Düsseldorf to breathe in a breeze of music after 20 years. Voila, here comes a new FONIA radio show. Listen up, because we think there are very interesting musical developments to discover here since Kraftwerk, Rheingold and La Düsseldorf.

Stabil Elite, Bar – music projects that were created under the wings of Lucas Croon. Interesting constellations for the history-conscious renewal of Düsseldorf’s musical scene – above all with a synthesizer sound in proper style, which does full credit to the city’s name.

“Music as a carrier of ideas”


01. Toulouse Low Trax – Rushing Into Water
02. LSW – Deutsche Bahn
03. Kreidler – High Wichita
04. Aki Aki – Müsli Boys
05. PTDD & Monty – Tamboe (DJ Ungel’s Adventure Mix)
06. Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project – Mabomba Dance (Radio Edit)
07. Wolfgang Paris, Jakob Lebsanft, Lucas Croon – Disco Hermoso
08. Stabil Elite – Der Mann Auf Der Kutsche
09. Soichi Terada & Nami Shimada – Sunshower (Vox)
10. Matediteria – L.U.V (Youkounkoun Edit)
11. Lucas Croon – Spiritus Sanctus
12. BAR – Adios
13. Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge – Meine Nöte