Fonia Session 50 – Alex Pehlemann (Zonic)


Drum roll!!
For our 50th show, we welcomed Alexander Pehlemann. Alex, born in Berlin-Lichtenberg switched a career as a ringer for the army club “Vorwärts” Frankfurt/Oder with the wild world of pop culture in the GDR. Since 1993 he publishes “Zonic”, the magazine for “Kulturelle Randstandsblicke & Involvierungsmomente” and travels (very often eastwards) from Leipzig-Connewitz into the world, always checking for anything obscure and “schräg”.

He told us what brought him from Greifswald to Leipzig and all the up and downs and turn arounds he experienced in growing into the author, curator, DJ and networker he is today.

If you make it to Leipzig, check the salon “Kulturny dom Lipsk/Salon Similde” where he spreads the word of “Neue Sorbische Kunst”.

Check out Alex’ selection of his favourite “Schräge Musik” with some dubby tunes. This certainly goes well with a good old pilsener. Enjoy the show!


01. Dietmar Diesner „Solo“, Amiga, 1988
02. Conrad Bauer „Live im Völkerschlachtdenkmal“, Amiga, 1989
03. Belp „Crocodile“, Jahmoni/SVS Records, 2019
04. Andrzej Mitan von V.A. „Notes From The Underground“,
Major Label/Out:Ra/Zonic: Edition Iron Curtain Radio, 2018 (1985)
05. István Mártha „Támad A Szél- Hangnapló 1973. 1983-86“, Krém, 1987
06. kIRk „Ich Dizkie Serca“, Fundacja Kaisera Söze, 2018
07. Tibor Szemzö „Snapshot From The Island“, Leo Records, 1987
08. 23 Skidoo „Tearing up the plans“, Fetish Records/Pineapple Records, 1982
09. Painkiller „Execution Ground“, Karlrecords, 2016 (1994)
10. The Users „Nie idź do pracy“, C.O.D.E. Records, 1999
11. James Chance „That’s When Your Heartaches Begin – From The Original Soundtrack ‘Grutzi Elvis’“, ZE Records/Celluloid, 1979
12. Disciplina Kičme „Ja Imam Šarene Oči“, Helidon, 1984
13. APC „APC Tracks Vol.2“, APC, 1996
14. The Slits „Typical Girls“, Island, 1979
15. Voo-Voo „Muzyka Do Filmu ´Seszele´“, PolJazz, 1990
16. Tomasz Stánko, Tomasz Szukalski, Edward Vesala, Peter Warren „TWET“, Polskie Nagrania, 1974
17. Amadinda Percussion Group „s/t“, Hungaroton 1987
18. O-Suwa-Daiko „Japanese Drums“, Grem/UNESCO Collection
19. Nicholas De Heer von V.A.: Living Is Hard. West African Music In Britain, 1927-1929“, Honest Jon´s Records, 2008
20. Chocolate „Peru´s Master Percussionist“, Buh Records, 2019
21. African Head Charge „My Life In A Hole In The Ground“, On-U Sound, 1981
22. A.E. Bizottság „Jegkrémbalett“, Start, 1984