Fonia Session 9 – Guest: Dink


After a short trip to Copenhagen – now the ninth session of the Fonia Radioshow from February 1st, 2013 and the last show in the year of the water dragon 🙂

2 hours of jazz, breaks and other kinds of sound mayhem, presented by inannia and foolong.

This time we welcomed as our guest: multi instrument wiz, movie aficionado and member of the reeverb entertainment crew – Dink .

After an interview all around Richmond (Virginia), sound and the state of flooded living areas, Dink & his friends granted us an amazing live set!


00:00 – 00:58 > Intro selection with Foolong & Inannia

00:58 – 01:17 > Interview with Dink

01:17 – 01:38 > Exclusive Live Set by Dink

01:38 – END > Outro selection with Foolong & Inannia


In case you don’t have an copy of it yet, check here for the “split tape” by tuamie & dink, out on dirty tapes:…ie-split-tape

Big shouts go out as well to Dink’s friends:

Sound Genesis
-> @soundgenesis

DJ Harrison
-> @dj harrison

and the entire Reeverb Entertainment Crew

Big thanks go, as always, to radio OKJ – 103.4 in Jena/Germany.

Check as well and If you make it to jena, please check as well the fatplastics record store!! (

If you make it to Copenhagen, don’t miss to have a “cheesecake” and visit one of the finest records stores called ROUTE 66 (Facebook Route 66)

Be good to yourself!