Fonia Session 6 – Guest: Monkey Maffia


The sixth session of the Fonia Radioshow from November 2nd, 2012.

Two hours with beats, jazz, breaks and much more with inannia and foolong (vinyl only) as introduction. After that we welcomed our guest: Monkey Maffia.

After chats about jazz, radio, dj’ing and producing, he granted us an entire set filled with his views on jazz & breaks! Thanks again and a deep bow to Mr. Monkey Maffia (it was an amazing evening!!!)

Big thanks go to radio OKJ 103.4 in Jena.

Check as well and

For more information and music of monkey maffia please check out his website. If you make a trip to Jena, please check as well the fatplastics record store!

Be good to yourself!

00:00 – 42:00 > Fonia Intro Selection
42:00 – 59:00 > Interview with Monkey Maffia (sorry guys, we spoke german)
59:00 – End > Live Set – Monkey Maffia


“Monkey Maffia – A real cosmopolitan with a deep love for his home, a gentleman in a bear suit, and a free thinker as opposed to a drone is known as one of the most creative distribution centers of electronic music. Explosiveness bound together with a deepness as his modus operandi. Tirelessly he spins on the controllers as if they were wheels, thereby a determined focus on the dance floor is brought forth which is then unfolded. With an ardor, the warmth can be heard as a thread through his interpreted design majesty. A richness of ideas yes, obsessive compulsive no – here the life is lived, not compelled!“