Fonia Session 5 – Guest: Ian Simmonds


The fifth session of the Fonia Radioshow from October 5th, 2012. Two hours of wild genre hopping between breaks, jazz and much more with inannia and foolong (vinyl only). And as a first guest ever in our radio show, we made an exclusive interview with Ian Simmonds from a phone booth in Brighton/UK. Big thanks go to radio OKJ 103.4 in Jena.

Highly recommended: the music of Ian Simmonds and his several moniker & aliases.

Ian Simmonds Bandcamp
Wise in Time – The ballad of den the men
Juryman – Wish road



Born in the foot hills of Snowdonia, Ian Simmonds comes from a long line of Welsh wordsmiths and artists. As a youngster, he travelled a lot with his family to the USA and Australia taking in all the sounds he heard along the way. He began his career at the end of the 80’s with the acid jazz group SANDALS, then moved on to producing as JURYMAN, WISE IN TIME and under his own name.