Fonia Session 25 –



What happens when train rides, amazing weather and chilled drinks meet with beautiful views? Then its gonna be one of our super rare outside of the studio shows! Directly to Radebeul, close to Dresden in Saxony.

This time we met with for interesting talks about his whereabouts, polish art and sound and of course tons and tons of finest selected music!

This was an awesome day 🙂
Thank you all for listening!
Be good to yourself!



01. Novi Singers – Two Times Two (Dwa po dwa) (Polish Jazz Vol.13) Recorded in Warsaw, June 1967 in Polskie Nagrania – Studio 12
02. Czesław Bartkowski – Rozmowa ze Śliwką bez pestek (Polish Jazz Vol.50) – Excerpt
03. Skalpel – Sculpture (CDr, 2000) “It’s a demo that led Skalpel to signing a contract with Ninja Tune.”
04. Señor Coconut & his Orchestra ft. Dandy Jack & Schneider TM – Breaking Music (2006)
05. Mooryc – Saint-Saens – Groove Mix (Freude am Tanzen 2011) “Head from Poland, too.”
06. Squarepusher – The Exploding Psychology vs. Laboratorium – Przejazd (The Journey) (Polish Jazz Vol.58)
07. Bitbasic – Skuppered (CC-licensed 2009)
08. Laboratorium – Funky Dla Franki (Funky One For Franka) (Polish Jazz Vol.49)
09. Jazzpospolita – Tribute To Aerobit (2010)
10. Jazzpospolita – Pobudzenie (Excessive Machine Rmx) (2012)
11. Laboratorium -Pięciobój Nowoczesny (Modern Pentathlon) (Polish Jazz Vol.49) Excerpt
12. Cubism – Here You Go (2000) (CC-licensed by vs. Czesław Bartkowski – Rozmowa ze Śliwką bez pestek (Polish Jazz Vol.50) vs. Laboratorium – No.8
13. Skalpel – Laboratorium (2005) “First polish artist signed on Ninja Tune.”
14. Czesław Bartkowski – Seven For Five (Polish Jazz vol.13)
15. Novi Singers – Torpedo (1970) “Also Re-released on Jazzanovas Polish Jazz Compilation.”
16. Daniel Bloom – Cylinder (2013) vs. Talve – Dauphin’s Flag (2007)
17. Instant Wilkie – … Und Eines Tages (instant weissnebel dub by Hofuku Sochi)
18. Daniel Carew – Zen Timer (Glander Remix) (2008)
19. Laboratorium – Etiudka (Small Excersize) (Polish Jazz vol.58)
20. Czesław Niemen – Z Listu Do M. (From A Letter To M.) (1975)
when i walk
and fall
people say
time won ́t wait but there again
it stands still
it hurries nowhere it doesn ́t flee
it makes us
watch the clock
21. Heinkubiks – Kriz Gratin (Boku Wa Jazu Ga Suki Da Rmx by Hofuku Sochi) “Warning: swiss jazz!”
22. Stachy vs. Zbigniew Wodecki – Potem Był Ktoś (After That Came Somebody) unreleased interlude
23. Hofuku Sochi – Senpan (Futsuumeishi)
24. Gunjah – Disko 90 (Hofuku Sochi Rmx)
25. Hofuku Sochi w/ krill.minima – Session Track unreleased jam session
26. [micro:form] – Live@Datenspuren C3D2 Excerpt
27. No Accident In Paradise – Taniec (Freude Am Tanzen 2014) “Out soon, watch out!”
Including excerpts from Lem ́s “Solaris” (german language version) Ludzie, szanujcie muzykę



He is a polish musician, producer, remixer, dj, performer, drummer – home based in wild eastern germany. Owner of a mastering studio (working with analogue outboards, reel to reel mastering, also fully digital plugged). Producing with hardware & software, composing film soundtracks, radio plays, stage/incidental scores. Local cultural attaché and resident artist of the liquid sound club in Bad Schandau, Germany. Obsessed by electronic music in all its thousand an one facets.