Fonia Session 10 – Guest: Dj Shape


A warm welcome to the tenth installment of the fonia radio show and our first session in the year of the water snake!

As our guest in the show we welcomed DJ Shape and his crew of friends! After an interesting interview all around the art of soundz, Shape granted us an amazing live set. Enjoy a very well thought through ride and discover gems ranging from rare grooves, jazz, soul and even funk over step, beats and and and … 🙂

The fonia radio crew says “Thank you, monsieur Shape!”

For more information about shape check as well his website and dig around here on soundcloud for more of his amazing soundart:


If you make it to Halle, go and check out the Charles Bronson club!

If you make it to Jena, don’t forget to check, if you are lucky you might enjoy one of the famous chopywood parties!
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Big thanks go, as always, to radio OKJ 103.4 in Jena.

If you make it to Jena, please check as well the fatplastics record store!! (


00:00 – 00:13 > Intro selection
00:13 – 00:32 > DJ Shape Interview
00:32 – END > DJ Shape Exclusive DJ Set


Be good to yourself!



You ever tried to imagine what will happen if you adapt traditional elements like the funkiness of bootsy collins and the soul of d’angelo to the future? Here it is. The combination of heavy drums, deep basslines, synthetic and organic sounds in a harmonic mixture with the right balance between experimentality and straightness. Ignoring the borders of genres, no matter if it is rap, dubstep or electronic beat. This is shape in full effect.