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Fonia Radio Show

Fonia Session 61 – The 10 Year Anniversary Pack

Fonia Session 61 – The 10 Year Anniversary Pack

Welcome y’all to our 61st instalment of the Fonia Radio Show and with that to our special mega package to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our show.

Thank you all for being part of this for such a long time and with that we look forward to more shows to come and now enjoy the show.
Thank you all for listening!
Be good to yourself!

Tracklist of all guest in chronological order:

Ian Simmonds (Brighton/UK):
0:00:00 – Seven Heaven (Unreleased)
0:03:50 – Heist Man (Unreleased)
0:10:24 – Pick Up
0:13:58 – Standing Man
0:17:20 – The Joker

DJ Legérès (Jena/D):
0:23:24 – Fonia 1000 Megamiiiix

Laolu (Geneva/CH):
0:43:10 – Keinemusik feat. Ali Love “Confusion” (Laolu Remix)

Stachy (Radebeul/D):
0:49:45 – STACHY.DJ “15 Minutes Of Fame” (Nanomix)

Comfort Fit alias Boris Mezga (Berlin/D):
1:04:42 – Lost And Unreleased Gems From Broken Harddiscs

Igor Schober alias 12inchkid (Jena/D):
1:22:52 – Schnipsel für Fonia

Markey Funk (Jerusalem/IL):
1:32:28 – Group Modular “The Phantom Mazone”

Thorsten Lütz (Berlin/D):
1:35:48 – Rolf Hansen “Tid”

Lutz Hartmann (Leipzig/D):
1:38:33 – Klinke auf Cinch “Ur Grace” (Original)

Smoking Joe & Ghays Mansour (Jena/D):
1:44:22 – Selected Tracks (Minimix)

DJ Maik (Leipzig/D):
2:08:44 – Second Direction “Peace”

Alex Pehlemann (Leipzig/D):
2:18:21 – Zonic Zound Zystem @ Share Festival

Costa (Halle/D):
2:37:45 – Voice Teaser + Minimix für Fonia

Kaubl (Lichte/D):
2:46:30 – Mix Of Unreleased Ambient Dubs

Spindyrella (Leipzig/D):
3:00:00 – El Michals Affair “Iron Man” + Acapella von Dude26 – Edles
Motiv im Spindyrella Edit

ESO alias Terrible (Berlin/D):
3:03:20 – Fonia Happy Birthday

Timson (Jena/D):
3:10:16 – Remix EP für Fonia


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